Protection against bad weather for machine operator, fast assembly and disassembly, light

Blade extension

Original blade width : 1500 mm
Blade extension (removable) : 2200 mm


Blade closure

Add a closure to the end of your blade.


Front blade

Add a removable front blade to the front of the grader.


Front ripper blade

In addition to the front blade, you can add ripper teeth to it.


Centralised lubrication

We propose to integrate into the Easy-Grader this equipemt that allows centralised greasing management (supplied by Hydrokit.)


Predisposed hydraulics for laser guidance

For better grading precision, add the hydraulic kit. The machine will then be ready for laser guidance (not provided by Soerma TP).


Body and beam paint​

You can choose the colour of the beam and the body of your grader.


Painting of rims

In options, you can chosse the colour of your rims too.

Transport trailer

We have designed a trailer specially adapted to the Easy-Grader. The weight of the trailer with the Easy-Grader is 3.5 tons.